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I Never Thought I'd Have to Supplement...

Nov 20, 2019 2:17:07 PM / by Devon, Marketing

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I had some complications arise after the c-section, which altered my milk supply for breastfeeding

I want to begin by saying that we are so joyful to announce that we have a healthy baby boy that Is one month old. The week of our delivery was not an easy one.

We were facing Hurricane Dorian. Then, while dealing with this hurricane, I received news that my Dad had passed away suddenly in Kentucky. This was/is devastating news. The very next day, my water broke, and I went into labor with our son. As I said, he is very healthy, and we are in awe of him every moment. We live in gratitude for the gift that he is to our lives.

 Duckworth Family


Upon coming home from the hospital, I had some complications arise after the c-section, which altered my milk supply for breastfeeding. My husband Dylan and I knew that we did not want to supplement with a formula that was dairy based and non-organic. We began doing our research and felt overwhelmed. We were already exhausted and had faced so many obstacles the week of delivery. Our good friends had recently discovered Nature's One Pea Protein formula. We talked with our pediatrician and she approved it. We were elated! We felt so much relief knowing that while I couldn't feed our baby entirely with breast milk, we would be able to supplement with a formula that we felt comfortable giving to him.

Our sweet baby has responded so well to the formula and we are so thankful to those that have taken the time and steps necessary to make the pea protein formula. It's not an easy step to take when you first realize that supplementation is needed, but having this as our option, has certainly given us comfort.


Thank you again.



The Duckworth Family


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Devon, Marketing

Written by Devon, Marketing