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My Body Wasn't Making Enough Breast Milk...

Mar 9, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Devon, Marketing

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My body just wasn't making enough breast milk, so I had to supplement

I have three children and one on the way. With my first child, I had to start supplementing at 6-months due to my body not making enough breast milk. In doing this, my daughter had terrible reactions to the formula. It was a very long 6-months with her and the many different formulas we tried...

When it came to having my second, I was very nervous to find a better formula option. I started researching and came across your product online, which was four years ago. I had to supplement my second on formula as well and decided to try your Baby's Only Organic® LactoRelief® formula. This formula never gave us problems and we were so thankful to have it at a store within 45 miles of us!


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When I unexpectedly got pregnant with my third, we learned she would have cardiac and pulmonary issues. She was born premature and was very small. I was told to use a different formula with my breast milk to help with extra calories. This caused her major discomfort. Within three weeks, I knew something needed to change and I switched her to Baby's Only Organic®!


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I saw a huge change in her and although I did have to supplement, I knew what I was using was not having a negative effect on her! She is now two years old and is petite but still uses this formula with her regular milk to help with extra calories. I cannot thank you guys enough for this product but also for helping my sanity during all the struggles with her! I am currently pregnant and plan to for sure go straight to this formula if I need to supplement with our new little one. Baby's Only Organic® LactoRelief® formula has been such a life changer for our family.


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Thank you Nature's One!



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Devon, Marketing

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